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Winter is Dry But Summer is Heck on Leather Couches

As the season transitions from Winter to Summer, it’s time to put in place some measures to protect your leather couches and leather furnishings from the hazards of summer life.  Sure the dry heat pushed out all day and night in your home does plenty to dry up the leather covering your furniture (and your own skin for that matter).  However, the warmer temperatures that accompany the outdoors bring new hazards to your leather furnishings.  Here are some ideas and things to avoid in order to keep your leather furnishing looking good. .

Air Conditioners

Similar to the way your furnace heat dries up the leather material, so does air conditioning blowing on a leather couch.  While it’s impractical to tell you to turn off the A/C, we recommend that you shut off an vents that blow directly on a leather covered piece.  The cool air really dries out the leather quickly so be sure to keep the furniture away from the direct flow from vents.

Shorts and Swimwear

If you and your kids have been in the pool and are all lathered up with sun protection SPF999, avoid parking their seats on the leather couch.  The same goes for the gardener who sprayed bug repellent all over her legs, arms and neck.  Leather will absorb any chemical products and suntan oils one is wearing.  Those oils may not destroy the leather material, but they will distort the pigmentation leaving behind unsightly stains.  The same goes for sweat stains.  Sweat carries body oils and will stain the leather.

Now we’re not advocating throwing a tarp over your leather furniture, but to propose you educate the family to avoid the leather furniture when they are wearing clothing that allows the skin to come in contact with the leather.  Also, we provide leather cleaning products that do a great job of removing stains that are already embedded in the material.

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