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Leather Couches – Placement Matters

Sometimes the excitement over buying new furniture overwhelms common sense.  For example, a shopper sees a leather couch on the showroom floor or on the web and falls in love with it. However, she doesn’t consider how it will match up to her current décor.  Or a football loving husband wants to equip the entertainment room with leather couch recliner, but doesn’t consider the dimensions of the room.   Before selecting your favourite sofa or couch from a showroom full of leather couches, take a deep breath and review these recommendations.

The first thing to consider is the placement of your new couch. It may seem like an obvious point, but having a clear picture of where the leather couch is going to be set is often overlooked.  People get excited about the beautiful leather, the aroma and cool, soft texture and totally overlook the dimensions of the room.  They end up with a piece that is too large and have to “fit it in” to the room.  Instead of a horizontal placement in front of the television, it’s canted on the diagonal.  People sitting in it have to turn their heads to watch the big screen.

Another point easy to overlook is the size of the cushions and seat.  A leather couch with large poofy cushions will look silly in a small room.  When the seats and back of a sofa is overstuffed, it makes the entire couch appear larger.

Speaking of size, it does matter with couches.  Always consider how you want to use the furniture.  Do you want it to seat several people during a family event or just support you and your spouse?  There’s no sense investing in a large leather couch and end up cuddled up at the far end.

Lastly, avoid the opposite of too big. Avoid placing a small sofa in a large room.  If you do want a smaller piece then place the sofa in the middle of the room with a small table behind it.  That takes up more space and the leather couch doesn’t appear out of place. 

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