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Interior Design Support

The interior design for office space adds to the professional appearance of the organisation, but it also plays a big part in worker performance. An outdated, drab interior doesn’t do much for an employee’s outlook and motivation. Poorly designed office layout can cause wasted steps and every step is another moment of time spent doing something unproductive. A well planned interior design  helps to get the employees motivated and to get the higher output from the employees by improving their work efficiency.

Our commercial design team works with your own interior designer to deliver a layout and furniture that is best suited for your lounge areas, conference rooms and similar spaces. The fabric and colours can even be customized to complement your brand colours.  Another important aspect of interior design is space planning that helps to utilize the space available in the best possible way to improve productivity in the office and thus making the processes within an organization cost effective.

Of course, we also take into consideration other constraints such as budget and style preferences. If you have specialty leather furniture requests from the owners we offer a wide range of leather furniture for the office. In fact, should any of the furniture require custom design, we provide those services.

If you are planning for a new office location or revamping an existing space, contact our commercial interior design team to discuss options. You can see examples of our furniture online, but we encourage you to come in and view the selections in person. Visit us at Unit 1 / 28 Sumners Rd, Darra, QLD 4076 or call us on (07) 3376 7222.

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