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How a Commercial Interior Design Professional Helps

A commercial interior design professional helps create the ideal public space for any type of business.  While they may be involved with the design planning for an office space, a commercial interior design expert is a smart asset to have on the team for spaces used by the public.  There are considerations for access to the kitchen area by waiters and busboys; the path to restrooms by patrons; and security considerations for people celebrating payouts at the club.

Commercial interior design demands attention to detail and involves much more than just the paint, wallpaper and artwork. These projects address issues including:

  • efficient use of expensive floor space
  • environmentally friendly structure and components
  • lighting options
  • ventilation
  • power and plumbing
  • data and voice communications systems
  • public address systems

Of course, a commercial interior design specialist is invaluable with outfitting the space with furniture. Pieces must accommodate the purpose, match the décor theme and be durable.

We invite professional commercial interior design specialists to contact us at (07) 3376 7222 or by email for customised furniture and seating solutions for their projects.

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