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Fabric Recliners – A Popular Purchase by Single Professionals

Our leather and fabric recliners are a popular selection by home owners looking for a comfortable piece of furniture for their family room or even in the bedroom or den.  There is nothing like a leather or fabric recliner for relaxing after a day of chores or work challenges.   Sometimes a recliner is the best choice for individuals looking to purchase for single piece of furniture.  In fact, it seems to be the most popular selection by single people or young families who aren’t ready for a full-sized couch or entertainment centre.

One benefit of fabric recliners is they don’t require a lot of space.  You do have to allow for space in back of the chair when it is in recline mode.  Similarly, the front foot section will extend when in a reclined position.  Be sure to allow enough space when the chair is used in the recline mode.  You should allow for additional space to allow someone to walk behind or in front of the reclined chair.

Another popular fabric recliner style is one that rocks.  This means a nursing mother can take her baby to the recliner, stretch out in recline mode and nurse baby – and mother – back to sleep.  On the other end of the spectrum, rocking fabric recliners are also popular with seniors who tend to nap in front of the television.

We have custom made and mass produced fabric recliners available in our Brisbane location.  We invite you in to try out our seating solutions. Call us on (07) 3376 7222 for directions or to discuss furniture ideas.

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