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Considerations When Selecting Commercial Sofas

Lifestyle Lounges and Sofas is a resource for outfitting businesses with commercial sofas in a variety of styles. We offer furniture suitable for unique designs as well as duplicating styles and dimensions for franchise operations.

Modern commercial sofas have to accomplish the need to provide guests with a comfortable place to sit and hold conversations, socialize and even enjoy cocktails.  The fabric texture and colours are somewhat dictated by the overall interior design, but the material must also be durable and relatively pleasant to sit on.  When purchasing a commercial sofa be sure to consider how it will be used.

In some settings a commercial sofa is used to accommodate patients in a doctor’s office. You’ll also find them in the lounge of hotels, casinos and commercial offices.  The sofa in the doctor’s office may be subjected to lots of patient traffic.  Some of these people may have to wait for extended periods.  In this case, you want something that is comfortable to sit on for long periods.  Often the patient has a support person with them such as a family member or friend.  In this situation, a commercial sofa that accommodates two people should be considered.

In a cafe or restaurant the manager might want to use a leather or vinyl covering depending on the budget.  This type of material holds up well to spills especially when it’s been treated with a leather treatment.

Lifestyle Lounges and Sofas offers personalized consultation for busy business owners shopping for commercial sofas.  Take peek at the products featured on our website and then stop in to visit us to review your design ideas or project challenges. We have an inventory of commercial sofas suitable for a number of different venues.  They are popular in high-end medical offices, coffee shops and hotel lobbies.

Visit us at Unit 1 / 28 Sumners Rd, Darra, QLD 4076, near Brisbane, or call us on (07) 3376 7222 to discuss custom orders.

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