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Chesterfield Lounges – A Royal Favourite

The Chesterfield lounge is an iconic design recognised throughout the world. You’ll find this style of furniture in professional offices and high-end business establishments which treat clientele with a royal touch. In fact, Chesterfield lounges are a favourite furniture style found in the castles of royalty.

Many of our clients recognise the distinctive style of the Chesterfield lounge as one seen in movies featuring a British theme.  We thought we’d share the distinctive features which set this sofa style apart from others.

If you were to take the average person into our showroom and asked them to identify a Chesterfield lounge, they might struggle with their response. Of course, people don’t really study furniture design – that’s our job, but the Chesterfield does have a few distinguishing characteristics that set it apart from most other.

View our Chesterfield lounge selection as you read the following.

You’ll note our Chesterfields are covered in fine leather and the leather is buttoned down to the sofa backing giving it a dimpled appearance. This is one feature that makes the Chesterfield recognisable, but is not actually a required feature.

Now look at the arms of the lounge and you’ll note that they are rolled and sport some type of hardware embellishing the front of the arm. The rolled arms and the dimpled leather upholstery are two distinctive features defining the Chesterfield lounge.

The last feature is the height of the Chesterfield lounge arms as compared to the back. They are the same height. This represents the signature mark of a Chesterfield. This feature actually creates a sofa that is very sturdy and durable.  Our Chesterfield lounges are covered in premium grain leather not split leather. They enjoy a reputation as being a long-lasting piece of furniture, known for easy maintenance and the appearance actually improves with age.

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