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Avoid This Mistake When Purchasing a Leather Couch

Gone are the days when leather couches were a luxury reserved only for the wealthy.  Leather couches are an affordable selection fitting into most homeowner budgets.  They are available in a variety of styles including recliner models perfect for the home theatre setting.

There are several things to consider when buying a new leather couch, sofa or recliner.  Most people consider the colour first, then style and size.  We suggest you reverse that order and review the size of your new piece of furniture before you look at styles and colours.

It’s very easy to get caught up in the excitement of purchasing furniture.  That’s why you’ll save yourself time and frustration when you do a bit of homework first.  You need to plan for the final setting and how to get the furniture to its final location.  Here is a story to explain why planning for the dimension of your furniture is critical before you make a final decision.

Not too long ago we had a couple visit our showroom.  They had just purchased a home and were planning for new furnishings.  They purchased an older home which had a basement and a second level with two bedrooms and a bath. One of the bedrooms was to be dedicated to a home office or den.  They had their hearts set on some furnishings in leather, particularly leather couches.

The woman was a web designer and wanted to have a private space for her work and client consults. She headed directly for the leather couches.  Running her hand across the cool leather backs, we could see her trying to envision the couch in her new office space.  She sat down in each trying out several styles of leather couches and chairs.

She finally decided on a leather couch and leather chair for her home office.  She fell in love with our Carlisle C9057 Leather Lounge and the Benson Deep Button Back Leather Chair.   The happy couple went on to make another selection for the living room and then we planned for delivery.  It was during the delivery that all joy was replaced by frustration and disappointment.

The new office space was on the second level and our delivery team had to haul the leather couch and chair up a narrow stairwell.  The stairwell was situated in a corner abutting two walls.  This meant the first step was only accessible from one side.  There was no way for the men to make the turn with either piece of furniture.

The disappointed couple had to return the leather couch and chair.  We helped them make alternative selections substituting both the chair and the couch with smaller pieces.

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