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Leather Couches – Placement Matters

Sometimes the excitement over buying new furniture overwhelms common sense.  For example, a shopper sees a leather couch on the showroom floor or on the web and falls in love with it. However, she doesn’t consider how it will match up to her current décor.  Or a football loving husband wants to equip the entertainment room with leather couch recliner, but doesn’t consider the dimensions of the room.   Before selecting your favourite sofa or couch from a showroom full of leather couches, take a deep breath and review these recommendations.

The first thing to consider is the placement of your new couch. It may seem like an obvious point, but having a clear picture of where the leather couch is going to be set is often overlooked.  People get excited about the beautiful leather, the aroma and cool, soft texture and totally overlook the dimensions of the room.  They end up with a piece that is too large and have to “fit it in” to the room.  Instead of a horizontal placement in front of the television, it’s canted on the diagonal.  People sitting in it have to turn their heads to watch the big screen.

Another point easy to overlook is the size of the cushions and seat.  A leather couch with large poofy cushions will look silly in a small room.  When the seats and back of a sofa is overstuffed, it makes the entire couch appear larger.

Speaking of size, it does matter with couches.  Always consider how you want to use the furniture.  Do you want it to seat several people during a family event or just support you and your spouse?  There’s no sense investing in a large leather couch and end up cuddled up at the far end.

Lastly, avoid the opposite of too big. Avoid placing a small sofa in a large room.  If you do want a smaller piece then place the sofa in the middle of the room with a small table behind it.  That takes up more space and the leather couch doesn’t appear out of place. 

Visit us at Unit 1 / 28 Sumners Rd, Darra, QLD 4076, near Brisbane, or call us on (07) 3376 7222 to discuss leather couches.

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How a Commercial Interior Design Professional Helps

A commercial interior design professional helps create the ideal public space for any type of business.  While they may be involved with the design planning for an office space, a commercial interior design expert is a smart asset to have on the team for spaces used by the public.  There are considerations for access to the kitchen area by waiters and busboys; the path to restrooms by patrons; and security considerations for people celebrating payouts at the club.

Commercial interior design demands attention to detail and involves much more than just the paint, wallpaper and artwork. These projects address issues including:

  • efficient use of expensive floor space
  • environmentally friendly structure and components
  • lighting options
  • ventilation
  • power and plumbing
  • data and voice communications systems
  • public address systems

Of course, a commercial interior design specialist is invaluable with outfitting the space with furniture. Pieces must accommodate the purpose, match the décor theme and be durable.

We invite professional commercial interior design specialists to contact us at (07) 3376 7222 or by email for customised furniture and seating solutions for their projects.

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Handsome Leather Arm Chairs

Our earlier post introduced the Chesterfield lounge with its distinctive button down style. We offer several different looks including the 2-seaters and corner fitting Chesterfield lounges.  We also offer handsome leather arm chairs sporting the same Chesterfield design.  You can choose from a wing chair and matching stool set to a leather arm chair with a foot rest or even our unique tub chair.

One of the main reasons for the popularity of leather arm chairs is their diversity of styles. From leather club chairs to leather recliners, you will find no other category of furniture which offers you so many different options. Leather can be finished out in any colour, both natural and stained, and with a whole host of different options. You can get models that recline, with or without feet support, and even models that offer full body massage units.

Brisbane shoppers looking for the perfect chair to accent their living room furniture often opt for a leather recliner. Just keep in mind that if the chair is positioned against a wall then a straight-back leather arm chair is a better selection. Another option is to include a stand-alone ottoman or a built-in foot rest.  You’ll need to plan for space to accommodate that addition, too.

Visit us at Unit 1 / 28 Sumners Rd, Darra, QLD 4076, near Brisbane, or call us on (07) 3376 7222 to discuss custom orders.

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Chesterfield Lounges – A Royal Favourite

The Chesterfield lounge is an iconic design recognised throughout the world. You’ll find this style of furniture in professional offices and high-end business establishments which treat clientele with a royal touch. In fact, Chesterfield lounges are a favourite furniture style found in the castles of royalty.

Many of our clients recognise the distinctive style of the Chesterfield lounge as one seen in movies featuring a British theme.  We thought we’d share the distinctive features which set this sofa style apart from others.

If you were to take the average person into our showroom and asked them to identify a Chesterfield lounge, they might struggle with their response. Of course, people don’t really study furniture design – that’s our job, but the Chesterfield does have a few distinguishing characteristics that set it apart from most other.

View our Chesterfield lounge selection as you read the following.

You’ll note our Chesterfields are covered in fine leather and the leather is buttoned down to the sofa backing giving it a dimpled appearance. This is one feature that makes the Chesterfield recognisable, but is not actually a required feature.

Now look at the arms of the lounge and you’ll note that they are rolled and sport some type of hardware embellishing the front of the arm. The rolled arms and the dimpled leather upholstery are two distinctive features defining the Chesterfield lounge.

The last feature is the height of the Chesterfield lounge arms as compared to the back. They are the same height. This represents the signature mark of a Chesterfield. This feature actually creates a sofa that is very sturdy and durable.  Our Chesterfield lounges are covered in premium grain leather not split leather. They enjoy a reputation as being a long-lasting piece of furniture, known for easy maintenance and the appearance actually improves with age.

Visit us at Unit 1 / 28 Sumners Rd, Darra, QLD 4076, near Brisbane, or call us on (07) 3376 7222 to review options for the Chesterfield lounge or to discuss custom orders.

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Fabric Recliners – A Popular Purchase by Single Professionals

Our leather and fabric recliners are a popular selection by home owners looking for a comfortable piece of furniture for their family room or even in the bedroom or den.  There is nothing like a leather or fabric recliner for relaxing after a day of chores or work challenges.   Sometimes a recliner is the best choice for individuals looking to purchase for single piece of furniture.  In fact, it seems to be the most popular selection by single people or young families who aren’t ready for a full-sized couch or entertainment centre.

One benefit of fabric recliners is they don’t require a lot of space.  You do have to allow for space in back of the chair when it is in recline mode.  Similarly, the front foot section will extend when in a reclined position.  Be sure to allow enough space when the chair is used in the recline mode.  You should allow for additional space to allow someone to walk behind or in front of the reclined chair.

Another popular fabric recliner style is one that rocks.  This means a nursing mother can take her baby to the recliner, stretch out in recline mode and nurse baby – and mother – back to sleep.  On the other end of the spectrum, rocking fabric recliners are also popular with seniors who tend to nap in front of the television.

We have custom made and mass produced fabric recliners available in our Brisbane location.  We invite you in to try out our seating solutions. Call us on (07) 3376 7222 for directions or to discuss furniture ideas.

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Considerations When Selecting Commercial Sofas

Lifestyle Lounges and Sofas is a resource for outfitting businesses with commercial sofas in a variety of styles. We offer furniture suitable for unique designs as well as duplicating styles and dimensions for franchise operations.

Modern commercial sofas have to accomplish the need to provide guests with a comfortable place to sit and hold conversations, socialize and even enjoy cocktails.  The fabric texture and colours are somewhat dictated by the overall interior design, but the material must also be durable and relatively pleasant to sit on.  When purchasing a commercial sofa be sure to consider how it will be used.

In some settings a commercial sofa is used to accommodate patients in a doctor’s office. You’ll also find them in the lounge of hotels, casinos and commercial offices.  The sofa in the doctor’s office may be subjected to lots of patient traffic.  Some of these people may have to wait for extended periods.  In this case, you want something that is comfortable to sit on for long periods.  Often the patient has a support person with them such as a family member or friend.  In this situation, a commercial sofa that accommodates two people should be considered.

In a cafe or restaurant the manager might want to use a leather or vinyl covering depending on the budget.  This type of material holds up well to spills especially when it’s been treated with a leather treatment.

Lifestyle Lounges and Sofas offers personalized consultation for busy business owners shopping for commercial sofas.  Take peek at the products featured on our website and then stop in to visit us to review your design ideas or project challenges. We have an inventory of commercial sofas suitable for a number of different venues.  They are popular in high-end medical offices, coffee shops and hotel lobbies.

Visit us at Unit 1 / 28 Sumners Rd, Darra, QLD 4076, near Brisbane, or call us on (07) 3376 7222 to discuss custom orders.

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Commercial Furniture for Franchise Restaurant Chains

Lifestyle Lounges and Sofas is a resource for outfitting major restaurant chains with commercial furniture. We offer seating solutions for bench seating, booth seating, and dining furniture for upscale or family style restaurants.

One of the benefits of having a favourite restaurant chain is that you know what to expect to see on the menu.  The same is true for the decor.  When you visit the local sandwich franchise you are greeted by a familiar menu and seating arrangement.

Franchise operators have to buy commercial furniture that is uniform and consistent with the design guidelines expected by the franchiser. There are number of reasons for this, not the least of which is to maintain a certain level of quality in seating as well as for simplified selection of building space and location.  The franchisee doesn’t have to worry about how to outfit their restaurant.  Additionally, since we are an approved by several franchises as a commercial furniture vendor, the restaurant owner can expect consistency in furniture design and pricing.

When a patron walks into their establishment they often head for the same seating location even when they are in a restaurant location different from their home base.  Along with familiar commercial seating and design, they can also expect consistency in menus, signage, facilities and even the employee uniform.  While this may seem trivial, the fact that it is consistent adds a level of comfort.  That’s especially important to a family with a few or several hungry kids to feed.

Lifestyle Lounges and Sofas offers quantity discounts on commercial furniture.  We invite you in to review the commercial booth seating and other styles. Visit us at Unit 1 / 28 Sumners Rd, Darra, QLD 4076, near Brisbane, or call us on (07) 3376 7222 to discuss custom orders.

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