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Winter is Dry But Summer is Heck on Leather Couches

As the season transitions from Winter to Summer, it’s time to put in place some measures to protect your leather couches and leather furnishings from the hazards of summer life.  Sure the dry heat pushed out all day and night in your home does plenty to dry up the leather covering your furniture (and your own skin for that matter).  However, the warmer temperatures that accompany the outdoors bring new hazards to your leather furnishings.  Here are some ideas and things to avoid in order to keep your leather furnishing looking good. .

Air Conditioners

Similar to the way your furnace heat dries up the leather material, so does air conditioning blowing on a leather couch.  While it’s impractical to tell you to turn off the A/C, we recommend that you shut off an vents that blow directly on a leather covered piece.  The cool air really dries out the leather quickly so be sure to keep the furniture away from the direct flow from vents.

Shorts and Swimwear

If you and your kids have been in the pool and are all lathered up with sun protection SPF999, avoid parking their seats on the leather couch.  The same goes for the gardener who sprayed bug repellent all over her legs, arms and neck.  Leather will absorb any chemical products and suntan oils one is wearing.  Those oils may not destroy the leather material, but they will distort the pigmentation leaving behind unsightly stains.  The same goes for sweat stains.  Sweat carries body oils and will stain the leather.

Now we’re not advocating throwing a tarp over your leather furniture, but to propose you educate the family to avoid the leather furniture when they are wearing clothing that allows the skin to come in contact with the leather.  Also, we provide leather cleaning products that do a great job of removing stains that are already embedded in the material.

Don’t have a leather couch?  Find out how beautiful and affordable a new leather couch is when you give us a call on (07) 3376 7222.

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Interior Design Support

The interior design for office space adds to the professional appearance of the organisation, but it also plays a big part in worker performance. An outdated, drab interior doesn’t do much for an employee’s outlook and motivation. Poorly designed office layout can cause wasted steps and every step is another moment of time spent doing something unproductive. A well planned interior design  helps to get the employees motivated and to get the higher output from the employees by improving their work efficiency.

Our commercial design team works with your own interior designer to deliver a layout and furniture that is best suited for your lounge areas, conference rooms and similar spaces. The fabric and colours can even be customized to complement your brand colours.  Another important aspect of interior design is space planning that helps to utilize the space available in the best possible way to improve productivity in the office and thus making the processes within an organization cost effective.

Of course, we also take into consideration other constraints such as budget and style preferences. If you have specialty leather furniture requests from the owners we offer a wide range of leather furniture for the office. In fact, should any of the furniture require custom design, we provide those services.

If you are planning for a new office location or revamping an existing space, contact our commercial interior design team to discuss options. You can see examples of our furniture online, but we encourage you to come in and view the selections in person. Visit us at Unit 1 / 28 Sumners Rd, Darra, QLD 4076 or call us on (07) 3376 7222.

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Leather Lingo

Many consumers love the look and smell of leather furnishings. The first time shopping for leather furniture can sometimes be overwhelming. After all, you thought leather was leather, but there are different grades of leather used in furniture. This article is a brief introduction to common terminology used when referencing leather furniture.

When you visit Lifestyle Lounges and Sofas to shop for couches, chairs or even leather commercial seating products a knowledgeable sales person is available to answer your questions.  Unlike the warehouse type of showrooms, we focus on specific brand names and every member of our team is trained in furniture design as well as the nuances of each product.  So when you wonder what the term “split leather” means the sales representative provides an answer based upon fact, not supposition.

The following terms are most often used when describing leather furniture products:

Top Grain Leather: This may surprise you, but did you realize that the hide of an animal, in most cases a cow, can be split into two layers?  The outer layer is referred to as “top grain” leather and typically offers better quality than the inner side.  Usually it is softer and more durable. This type of leather carries a higher price per yard than leather made from the inner side of the hide.

Split Leather:  This is the inner side of the animal’s hide and is considered a lower quality material. Split leather is usually made of more than one piece of under-hide.  Split leather is almost always dyed to add colour and may crack more easily than top grain leather.  You’ll see split leather on the backs of chairs and couches – away from wear, tear and the elements.

Aniline Finish: This is the higher-end finishing process.  Minimal dyes, buffing and stressing are applied to the hide. Top grain leather is appropriate for this type of finishing.

Semi-Aniline Finish: This type of finishing is used when multiple dyes are required to achieve the final look. It uses multiple dying processes and surface treatments. The final finish is a bit stiffer than the aniline finish.

Leather Match: When looking at furniture described as “leather match” you are shopping in the lower-end price range.  Part or all of the chair or couch is covered in material that looks similar to leather, but in fact is vinyl or another synthetic covering. This is ideal for people who can’t expand their budget to buy a leather product, but want the look of leather furniture.

You can see some of our leather furniture online, but we encourage you to come in and view the selections in person. Visit us at Unit 1 / 28 Sumners Rd, Darra, QLD 4076 or call us on (07) 3376 7222.

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Local Craftsmen Create Custom Made Furniture

Quality is something we all want and especially so when investing in furniture for home or office. If you are looking for something that fits easily into your home, what better way to achieve this than having custom made furniture?  Having a piece of furniture crafted to fit into an odd-sized space or to match your interior decor can really add the personal touch to a room without the need to completely commit to a new design scheme.

When the time comes to buying a new sofa or sectional, most people don’t turn automatically to custom made furniture. Sofas and couches are among the more expensive pieces in a living room, so some people try to save by going to big box stores and large, brand name outlets. However, you do get what you pay for, and with quality, custom made sofas, you can expect many more years of durable, attractive use from your couch than you can with a cheaper, more mass-produced selection.

Lifestyle Lounges and Sofas custom made furniture is defined by diversity, style, usability and of course, comfort–custom made lounges are no exception.  In fact, these are some of the top attributes people look for when buying furniture.

For some people, traditional sofas don’t quite fit an area in a room.  In this situation, a custom made sectional may be better.  A good example of this type of custom made furniture is our Tracy Made to Measure Lounge.  It can be designed to fit into a corner space and covered with your favourite leather of Warwick Fabric.

This type of seating is harder to come by in warehouse furniture malls and because of this your shopping choices are somewhat limited.  This isn’t the case when you choose our custom made furniture as our craftsmen will make the piece to fit your space perfectly.

Give us a call today on (07) 3376 7222 and let’s discuss your ideas for custom made furniture.

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Find an Affordable Alternative to Discount Warehouse Furniture at Our Brisbane Furniture Store

Go online and discover a lot of furniture stores with great pieces that are perfectly satisfactory for most interior furnishing.  However, what do you do when you have an odd sized space to place a piece of furniture?  Do without and have an odd looking vacant space in your living area?  We offer custom furniture designed by our craftsmen at our local Brisbane furniture store.

This alternative to mass-produced furniture is turning first-time buyers into repeat customers – custom furniture designs.  At Lifestyle Lounges and Sofas we offer a wide range of furnishings that fit well into many homes or commercial spaces.  However, we also offer custom furniture in traditional, modern or retro designs.  If you see something online or in our Brisbane furniture store that you love, but wish it was covered in a different fabric or just a bit longer or shorter, just ask us to customise the piece to suit your needs.

You can browse our website to shop for furniture such as leather sofas and recliners, fabric sofas and lounges, corner sofas and tables, occasional tables, chairs, stools, as well as well-crafted office furniture and commercial establishment furnishing pieces.  If something strikes your fancy, give us a call and we can finalise over the phone or come in to the Brisbane furniture store and discuss options for a custom furniture piece.

Our furniture is well-constructed and crafted from materials that are of unquestionable durability.  We have a dedicated design team that can create different styles and sizes according to their clients’ specifications.  We offer shipping outside of Brisbane, too.

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